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Welcome to our specialist website, Ragdoll Kittens and Cats (also known as Ragaluscious Ragdolls).

We are passionate NZ registered breeders of Ragdoll Cats and we are based in the beautiful Bay Of Plenty, an area of natural beauty that is perfect or should I say purrrfect for breeding our tiny precious bundles.

In introducing these kittens into your home, you will soon realise that you have chosen the perfect, pet companion. Experience a passion and excitement that many other breeders and owners feel about owning these beautiful kittens and cats.

Ragdoll Kittens & Cats…. Excellent Companions For Children & Adults!

Ragdoll cats have very individual personalities. They are loving, adorable cats who love being with people. It is these wonderful traits that make Ragdoll cats excellent companions and pets for both children and adults alike!

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ragdoll kitten waiting listTake a look at our expected litters page or you can keep up to date with our latest info on our ragdoll kittens on our Ragdoll Kittens & Cats Facebook.

If like us you are totally “smitten with kitten!” and would like to own one of these cute, adorable, loving kittens, we invite you to add your details to our waiting list or contact us for further information.

We are members of New Zealand Cat Fancy under the prefix Ragaluscious.

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All Ragdoll Cats have individual personalities, browse through our gorgeous, loving, adorable Ragdoll Cats


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A Ragdoll Kitten makes the perfect, pet addition to your family. View our latest arrivals.

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